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Scan Suggests That Interstellar Asteroid is Not an Alien Craft

Scan Suggests That Interstellar Asteroid is Not an Alien Craft

Researchers wondering if an interstellar asteroid passing through our solar system might actually be an alien craft say that a scan of the object indicates that is not the case.

Astronomers with the Breakthrough Listen SETI project made headlines earlier this week when they announced plans to check the oddly-shaped asteroid, dubbed 'Oumuamua, for radio signals.

Although the news sparked the imagination of UFO enthusiasts and headline writers around the world, the excitement proved to be short-lived after the team turned a telescope towards the object on Wednesday.

Sadly, an initial scan of 'Oumuamua along four different radio frequencies produced no signs of alien life, suggested that it is, indeed, just an asteroid.

The researchers plan to take another sweep of the object this weekend in order to gather additional information and, likely, close the book on the theory that it is an ET craft.

Until then, though, we'll keep on hoping that it is an alien vessel and that, having gotten lost in an entirely different solar system, the ET pilot simply turned the radio off, as many human drivers do, in order to better concentrate on figuring out the directions home.

Source: The Guardian

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