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School Expels 'Possessed' Girl

School Expels 'Possessed' Girl

A teenage girl in Kenya has been expelled from her school after teachers and administrators claimed that she is possessed by demons! The unnamed thirteen-year-old was sent home from the Nyamome Primary School three weeks ago due to the disturbing allegations and her frustrated family is now crying foul to local media about what they consider to be harsh and unfair treatment. According to one of the teachers, concerns were initially raised when the girl began collapsing in class and "uttering unintelligible words as if she was communicating to spirits."

After three other girls began exhibiting similar behavior, administrators allegedly investigated the matter and claimed to have discovered that the teen had been worshipping the devil. Accusing her of "trying to recruit other pupils into the practice," the headmaster of the school said that they were forced to expel her because "shying away from school because of the girl." And, in what may be the weirdest letter ever sent home to a parent, the school informed the teen's mother that she was being expelled because of "the unique character of your daughter which is demonic."

As one can imagine, the teen's mother is aghast at the strange turn of events and insists that her daughter is neither a devil worshipper nor possessed by demons. And, for her part, the heartbroken girl pleaded innocence to the charges, declaring that "I am accused of something I even don’t even understand." The family has now turned to the Kenyan Ministry of Education to intervene in the matter and a child activist group has also stepped forward to champion the girl's case, noting that it's far more likely that she is stricken with a health issue rather than something demonic.

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