Schoolgirl's Nessie Photo Hailed as 'Best in Years'

By Tim Binnall

A young girl's remarkable image of an odd anomaly at Loch Ness has been hailed by one researcher as the best Nessie photo in years. According to a report out of Scotland, Charlotte Robinson captured the intriguing picture while vacationing with her family at the popular tourist location last weekend. Early in the evening on Friday, Charlotte was looking out at the loch and, to her amazement, spotted something quite strange.

Around fifty feet from shore, she said, a dark oddity had suddenly emerged out of the water. This mysterious denizen of the loch seemed to sport a neck and head that was in "the shape of a hook." Fortunately, the stunned youngster had the wherewithal to grab her cell phone and snap a picture of the strange scene before the potential creature went back underwater. The encounter continued about a minute later when the 'monster' appeared again a short distance away from where Charlotte had initially seen it.

While her mother was skeptical when told by Charlotte that she had taken a picture of Nessie, her opinion quickly changed upon seeing the intriguing image. "I couldn't believe it," she marveled, "something's there." The astonished mom was not the only one impressed by the image as veteran Nessie hunter Steve Feltham also raved about the photo. "I am totally excited by this photograph," he gushed, "it is the best of Nessie in years."

At the risk of raining on Charlotte's parade, it bears mentioning that, nearly two years ago, another potential Nessie image was heralded as the 'best ever,' setting up a fine debate for fans of the famous cryptid. Regardless of whether or not her photo truly is tops, the youngster's encounter is noteworthy for another reason as she is now the third schoolgirl to spot something odd at Loch Ness this year. Why this particular demographic has had such luck at the location is anyone's guess, but it may be because most adults visiting the site are simply so skeptical of the creature that they don't even bother to look for it.

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