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Scientists Issue Worrisome Earthquake Warning for 2018

Scientists Issue Worrisome Earthquake Warning for 2018

Scientists have discovered what they say is a correlation between major earthquakes and the Earth's rotation which seems to spell trouble for 2018.

In a recently published paper, a pair of scientists detailed how, while studying data on magnitude 7 or higher earthquakes since 1900, they spotted five periods in which the disasters occurred with unusual frequency.

An attempt to find some connection to these curious outliers eventually led to them to notice that each of these earthquake spurts appeared to happen five years after the Earth's rotation had slowed.

Even though the change is imperceptible to humans, it apparently has a dramatic effect on seismic activity, the scientists argue, although they concede that the reason why remains a mystery.

Nonetheless, the researchers say that the relationship is quite apparent and that their findings come at a particularly important and worrisome time.

That is because 2017 marks the fourth year in the five-year 'warning period' that their data suggests pre-dates an increase in massive earthquakes rocking the planet.

As such, one of the authors of the paper issued the ominous prediction that there could be up to 20 such events next year.

Considering that this assessment comes from mainstream scientists rather than, say, Nibiru conspiracy theorists, the chilling prediction is one which should be taken quite seriously.

Unfortunately, little can really be done about it other than to be prepared for disaster, since knowing exactly where and when major earthquakes will occur continues to elude scientists.

However, should the planet be shaken violently several times next year, at least we'll know that it probably isn't Planet X to blame and that, instead, the cause of the commotion came from Earth itself.

Source: The Guardian

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