Search for MH370 Comes to an End

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A multinational team devoted to finding the infamous lost airliner MH370 have officially suspended their underwater search for the vanished plane and its unfortunate passengers.

The decision comes almost three years after the Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared while flying to Beijing from Kuala Lampur in March of 2014.

Having scoured a massive, but still relatively undersized, portion of the Pacific Ocean, the search team, which consists of officials from Australia, China, and Malaysia, have opted to end their exhaustive mission after it failed to produce the plane.

Although the decision to call off the search was foretold by the group back in July, families of the 239 passengers have responded to the announcement today with understandable anger.

Some have put forward suspicions that the search was conducted in the wrong location, while other simply expressed astonishment that MH370 cannot be found despite the considerable amount of energy and expertise expended on the project.

In discussing the then-impending decision last summer, an official with the search team noted that it was impossible to keep looking for the plane without an new evidence to help guide the group.

It now appears that the fate of MH370 may remain a mystery forever as any future searches will have to be conducted by amateur researchers using considerably less resources.

As such, one can expect that the mystery will evolve in a similar fashion as the Amelia Earhart disappearance which has vexed researchers for decades.

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Source: CNN


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