Second Bigfoot Sighting in Two Months Reported in Ohio County

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By Tim Binnall

For the second time in just two months, an intriguing Bigfoot sighting has been reported in an Ohio county, suggesting that the famed cryptid may have something of a presence there. The initial sighting occurred back in late April, when a woman in Ashland County claimed to have spotted a seven-foot-tall creature covered in gray fur and lurking at the periphery of a parking lot at a 24-hour gym. And now, just a few weeks later and a handful of miles away, something resembling a Sasquatch was reportedly once again seen by a bewildered witness.

According to the unnamed individual, the sighting took place on his property in a rural part of Ashland County back on June 9th. Shortly after an afternoon rainstorm, the man set about mowing his lawn when he noticed an inordinately tall figure seemingly dressed all in black and moving along a treeline on his property. The sighting lasted approximately 90 seconds before the eerie 'visitor' disappeared into the trees. Stunned by what he was seeing, the man recalled that "the whole time I was thinking, 'No one is going to believe me.'"

Due to the figure's appearance, the remote location where it was seen, and the circumstances prior to the sighting, the witness was left scratching his head when it came to identifying the oddity. "Who would have been out after that pouring rain, dressed in all black," he asked. The man spent the new few weeks mulling over his experience, which weighed on him heavily. "I have tried to explain it away, but I can't," he mused, "in all the years I have lived here, I have never seen anything like it."

The man even went so far as to stage a reenactment with his son, who stands nearly six feet tall, which led him to the realization that what he had seen was probably not a person, since the creature in question was far bigger than his son was in relation to the trees and weeds in the area. Ultimately, the witness decided to file a report with the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO), which investigated his account and indicated that it could have been a genuine Sasquatch sighting.

Coming on the heels of the sighting back in April, some have begun to wonder if perhaps both incidents involved the same creature. Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO observed that the first sighting occurred under the artificial lighting of a parking lot, which could have "reflected off the creature's fur in such a way that made it look grayish." As such, he speculated that "it's very possible" that both incidents involved the same Sasquatch. Either way, residents of Ohio's Ashland County may want to keep their eyes peels since it would appear that a Bigfoot may very well be in their midst.

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