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Second 'Mystery Sound' Stumps Upstate NY Community

Second 'Mystery Sound' Stumps Upstate NY Community

A neighborhood in Rochester, New York that has been plagued by a maddening mystery sound for the past year is now contending with a second acoustic irritation. The plight of the people of Highland Park made news in late June when beleaguered residents declared to a local newspaper that they were fed up with hearing a mysterious sound that had been tormenting them for months. Since that time, an area expert managed to come close to cracking the case before things took an even stranger turn.

Ming-Lun Lee was enlisted by the newspaper to determine the nature of the sound by way of a recordings obtained by both himself as well as a witness to the aural oddity. Although the audio engineer couldn't quite match the sound to a specific known source, he was able to possibly determine that it was originating from a small power plant in the area. However, while Lee was working on that lead, his investigation was upended in a manner befitting a detective tracking a serial killer as yet another sound appeared on the scene.

According to a new report, this second noise was recorded by a resident named Tracy Hansen who says that she hears it at random times during the day and that her neighbor has also experienced the odd sound. Based on how it seems to change in tone depending on where she is when she hears it, Hansen speculated that "it's coming from up high," but conceded that she has no idea what may be causing it. For his part, Lee observed that the sound does, indeed, seem to be different from the original noise that first led to his investigation, meaning that Highland Park residents could have two mysteries on their hands at once.

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