Security Camera Films 'UFO Landing'

By Tim Binnall

An odd piece of footage circulating online shows a strange incident which some imaginative viewers believe could have been a UFO landing. The curious video appeared online last week on an otherwise nondescript YouTube channel and was given the fantastic title 'UFO ship with aliens on board crashed into the sand pile on my driveway.' Aside from that rather presumptuous description, little is known about the nature of the footage other than it was allegedly filmed in the English town of Doncaster.

In the video, a bright, glowing object can be seen descending from the night sky and landing in the driveway of a home. It then sits in that spot and flickers for around ten seconds before the footage comes to an end without showing how the scene ultimately concluded. No doubt thanks to its sensational title, the video quickly caught the attention of numerous YouTube channels that specialize in unusual pieces of footage showing possible UFO or alien activity.

Unfortunately, it's probably a safe bet that the footage does not show a 'UFO ship with aliens on board' landing in this person's driveway as skeptics have offered a more down-to-Earth explanation for what the security camera captured. They argue that the object which landed in the person's driveway was most likely a Chinese lantern that had fallen from the sky and subsequently caught fire, which would explain the flickering seen in the video. While this prosaic theory may disappoint some UFO enthusiasts, we're inclined to believe it, especially since there's no sign of any frantic ETs trying to escape the inferno.

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