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Security Guard Films Eerie Anomaly

A security guard keeping watch over an empty soccer stadium in Argentina captured an eerie anomaly on film as he was investigating inexplicable sounds coming from the bowels of the building. Raul Arguello turned on his camera after he heard the door of a locker room slamming open and closed for the third time in the evening. "I don't know what's going on," he says in the video, "but I'm going to film it to show people so they believe me."

Already annoyed at having to deal with this weirdness, Arguello was mystified when he arrived at the door and saw that it was moving on its own. "No one is here,” he observes in an exasperated fashion, asking "how can nothing be doing this?" Clearly unnerved by the scene, the security guard quickly decides that he's had enough ghost hunting for the night and declares, "Oh, God, I'm going to leave. I want to go."

Arguello's experience became even more unsettling when he later looked at the footage and saw that, at one point, a fairly large shadow with no discernible source zipped past the camera. The creepy combination of the 'possessed' door and the potential shadow person apparently left the security guard shaken to his core as he reportedly quit his job shortly thereafter and found work at a different site. We're guessing that management at the stadium conveniently kept quiet about why the job had come open when they hired his replacement.

What's your take on the Arguello's footage? Is it a genuine ghost encounter, a trick of light and shadow, or a clever hoax on the part of the security guard? Let us know where you stand at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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