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'Serial Witness' Mystifies Kenyans

A truly bizarre mystery has captivated Kenyans after an enigmatic individual appeared on TV claiming to have been the eyewitness to two different fatal accidents in just a handful of days.

The weird saga began back in late October when Dennis Muigai Ngengi was interviewed by a newscast covering a helicopter crash that killed five people.

That, in and of itself, was not particularly strange, but when he popped up again on TV two weeks later at the site of a deadly car crash that occurred over a hundred miles away, Kenyans began wondering what they, themselves, were seeing.

Sporting dark sunglasses and a mysterious ear piece, the man's distinct appearance left no doubt that he was the same individual at both events, especially when he identified himself again as Ngengi in the second interview.

The question of how he happened to have been a key witness at both accidents has left Kenyans mystified, with some proposing that he somehow had a hand in the tragic events.

The public are not the only ones puzzled by Ngengi's eerie 'luck' as law enforcement officials in the country say that they plan to investigate the unsettling coincidence and, in a sense, unmask the mystery man.

Meanwhile, Ngengi's unique look has actually become something of meme in Kenya with people online donning sunglasses and faux ear pieces in what is being called, believe it or not, the 'eyewitness challenge.'

And, adding one last, head-scratching twist to the mystery, a media outlet managed to track down Ngengi, who insisted that he only witnessed the second accident and not the first.

Pressed for why this 'other person' wore the same unique headgear and identified himself using his name, Ngengi mused, suspiciously, "maybe we are related."

Source: Daily Nation

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