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Set of 'The Nun' haunted by ghost soldiers?

Set of 'The Nun' haunted by ghost soldiers?

Corin Hardy, director of the upcoming horror film The Nun, recently reported a creepy incident that left him convinced a set location used in his movie is haunted. Part of the new film was shot in an ancient Romanian fort where a 200-foot tunnel was used for a complex tracking shot involving the character Sister Irene. According to Hardy, he passed by what he thought were Romanian crew members as he entered a dark sealed room in the corridor to watch the shot.

"I turned around and looked over my shoulder and there was no one there! There had never been anyone in the room. There couldn't have been, because the only way out was the door next to me," he recalled. Hardy suggested the old fort had likely seen a lot of death and now the spirits of curious soldiers roam the fortress grounds.

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