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Several New Crop Formations Found in Europe

By Tim Binnall

Concerns that the coronavirus pandemic might put a damper on the 2020 crop circle season appear to be unfounded as five new formations were discovered over the last week. As opposed to this year's initial design, which appeared in Italy last month, these newfound formations are fairly elaborate and in keeping with what one might expect from the crop circle phenomenon. To that end, spotted in southern England last week, the first such impression is that of a heart-shaped pendulum inside of a circle.

The second formation, which can be seen in the video above and was discovered in the county of Wiltshire, England late last week, resembles a virus, which strongly suggests that it was made by human hands in response to the ongoing pandemic. Similarly, another crop circle stumbled upon in the same region two days later consists of the iconic yin-yang symbol. A fourth British formation was found in the county of Dorset on Sunday and may be the most complex of the designs discovered so far, featuring a series of boxes extending out from a circle.

Also found this past weekend was a formation in France, where crop circles were all the rage last year. Unlike its predecessors in England, this design caught the attention of a local newspaper, which detailed how the property owner was bewildered by the sudden overnight appearance of the formation and mused that "it looks like two flying saucers landed there." Authorities, however, immediately dismissed the crop circle as a hoax, drawing the ire of the woman who found that explanation hard to believe since there were no visible footprints in the field.


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