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Shag Harbour UFO Case Turns 50

Shag Harbour UFO Case Turns 50

October 4th marks the 50th anniversary of the intriguing UFO case that has come to be known as Canada's Roswell: the legendary Shag Harbour Incident.

The perplexing event featured a large glowing object descend into the depths of the ocean off the coast of Shag Harbour in Nova Scotia and then clearly lurk beneath the surface to the amazement of investigators arriving on the scene.

The mysterious object then seemingly vanished despite attempts to find it by divers from the Canadian Navy and then apparently reemerged one week later from the waters as it flew away.

Over the years, rumors have abounded that the divers may have seen more than the public was told and some stories even suggest that they witnessed ETs working on the downed craft in an attempt to repair it.

While that aspect of the story remains open to conjecture, what makes Shag Harbour one of the most compelling UFO cases in the history of the phenomenon is the incredible amount of documentation left behind by the numerous Canadian government agencies that investigated the event.

Researcher Chris Styles marveled to C2C back in June of 2015 that the Shag Harbour incident "remains the world's only UFO crash scenario that is supported in that interpretation by government documents that are freely available and entirely without controversy as to their origin or authenticity."

Often linked to the Roswell incident due to the crash aspect of the case, Shag Harbour features another interesting similarity to its American counterpart in that it took quite some time for the event to be noticed by UFO researchers.

Although the event took place in 1967, it had actually been relegated to local lore for over a quarter century until Styles and fellow UFO researcher Don Ledger began looking into the case in 1995.

Since that time, the Shag Harbour incident has become one of the preeminent UFO cases in the long history of the phenomenon.

In recognition of this year being the 50th anniversary of the event, the annual Shag Harbour UFO festival held over this past weekend took on special significance.

Around 400 attendees descended upon the small community to hear from an array of UFO researchers as well as actual witnesses who watched the event unfold that fateful night 50 years ago.

The anniversary of the incident also garnered a considerable amount of press attention in Canada with numerous national outlets covering the historic occasion.

It remains to be seen whether the circumstances of what happened on October 4th, 1967 will ever be truly revealed or if it is forever destined to remain a mystery like so many other UFO cases where a full explanation has proven to be elusive.

Coast Insiders can learn much more about the legendary Shag Harbour incident by checking out the 6/22/2015 edition of the program featuring Chris Styles and author Graham Simms talking about the iconic case.

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