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Siberian Man Successfully Sues Psychics for Failing to Magically Save His Marriage

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By Tim Binnall

A heartbroken husband in Siberia successfully sued a group of alleged psychics after their 'magical powers' failed to reunite him with his estranged wife. The events which led to the bizarre court case reportedly began back in the summer of 2017 when the unidentified couple unceremoniously split up, much to the forlorn man's chagrin. A few weeks later, he happened to see a television commercial for The Sixth Sense, a company of mystics that claims to be able to solve all manner of problems by way of magic.

What piqued the man's interest was that they specifically promised potential patrons that they could fix broken marriages. Clearly desperate to reignite the love which once flourished between him and his wife, the woebegone husband contacted the company and they sold him on their ability to use "magical and sensory knowledge" to make it happen for a mere $4,000. Alas, after he forked over the funds, fate poured proverbial salt on the wound that was the man's broken heart when his wife did not come home to him.

Now doubly disappointed, the man reached out to the company and requested a refund, but his complaint was rebuffed. Rather than cut his losses, as The Sixth Sense likely assumed he would, the man actually decided to sue the self-described sorcerers instead. The case was ultimately settled in his favor last week, when a court decided that, indeed, the 'magicians' had failed to live up to their end of the deal and, as such, he was awarded around $6,300 for his troubles.

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