Six More Mysterious Radio Bursts Detected from Same Spot in Space!

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Astronomers studying a series of ten fast radio bursts coming from the same place in space announced they have detected six more!

The mysterious phenomenon of massive but fleeting radio wave pulses out in space has baffled scientists since such events were first discovered fifteen years ago.

Up until this year, scientists had speculated that the fast radio bursts (FRBs) were caused by singular celestial events which generate enormous energy like a star being eaten by a black hole.

However this theory, which was based on the intermittent and random nature of FRBs, was turned on its head this past March when it was revealed that a whopping ten bursts had been detected emanating from one specific spot in the cosmos.

And now a new report from researchers looking at that area of space revealed that an additional six more FRBs have been documented.

Experts say that the repeating nature of the bursts appears to rule out the possibility that they are being caused by a lone event.

Although the FRBs are possibly coming from some other natural celestial source, such as a maturing star, some ET enthusiasts have begun to wonder if they could be a signal being sent to Earth.

As of yet, SETI has not turned their attention to the anomalous series of events, but perhaps this latest news about there being six more bursts will compel them to look into the matter.

Let's hope that they do, because it would be pretty rude to keep ignoring the call if it really is aliens trying to contact Earth.

Source: IB Times

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