Sixth Nessie Sighting of 2021 Recorded

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By Tim Binnall

For the third time in less than a month and the sixth time this year, the legendary Loch Ness Monster may have been seen by an individual watching the webcam that is stationed at the famed location in Scotland where the creature is said to call home. This latest sighting was reportedly made on March 26th by Roslyn Casey, who tuned in to the livestream from her home in Leeds, England. Although she has "been fascinated by cryptozoology" since first learning about Nessie as a child, the virtual witness explained that she had only discovered the Loch Ness webcam in the last year and, since England went into lockdown due to the coronavirus, has become a diligent viewer of the feed.

After spotting a few anomalies that were subsequently identified as prosaic objects, Casey hit proverbial pay dirt last month when she saw a dark object on the water that could not be readily explained. Upon submitting the find to the Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register, the webcam watcher was credited with the sixth accepted report of the year. Similar to how 2020 unfolded, all of the sightings in 2021 have occurred by way of the livestream as on-the-ground visitors to the site are few and far between at this time due to still-in-place coronavirus lockdowns.

While it might seem to skeptics that any odd blob someone might notice while watching the webcam can find its way onto the list, registry proprietor Gary Campbell explained that less than 25% of the reports submitted to the website actually wind up being unexplained. That said, he conceded that assessing the pictures has been particularly tricky this year because "during lockdown, there have been some issues with the resolution of the images from the camera which, through no fault of the operators, has made it more difficult to identify what folks are seeing."

Campbell went on to stress that "we never say that what folk have captured is the monster, just that what is in the picture or video is unidentified." To that end, he expressed the understandable hope that the lockdown will conclude soon so that people can visit the site in person and possibly catch a clearer glimpse of the legendary creature. "We just want to welcome people back the loch as soon as possible," he said, "as there is really no substitute for being on the shore or on the water having a look."


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