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'Skull and Bones' Files to be Released

'Skull and Bones' Files to be Released

A seemingly innocent notice from the George W. Bush presidential library reveals that they may soon release of a treasure trove of documents which should pique the interest of conspiracy researchers.

The lengthy memorandum informs the attorneys for both president Obama as well as former president Bush of a lengthy number of files the library plans to make public via FOIA requests.

Included near the top of the list is a particularly intriguing entry simply titled 'The Skull and Bones Society.'

The infamous Yale secret society has been a fixture of conspiracy lore for decades due to its illustrious membership, including both Bush presidents, two former Supreme Court justices, and a myriad of other heavy hitters from the 'powers that be.'

According to the notice, the library wishes to release an astounding 1,650 pages of material on the group contained in a variety of different forms, some mundane and some quite strange.

There appears to be a weather report that somehow relates to Skull and Bones, based on their search, as well as letters from children to the White House.

While those may not provide much grist for the conspiracy mill, the batch of files will likely contain some insights to careful researchers.

It's also worth noting something that may get missed in the sensational media coverage of the Skull and Bones files from the notice.

Amongst the other FOIA requests which the library wishes to fulfill are a number of 9/11-related inquiries which will certainly be of interest to the conspiracy community.

There's also the bizarre request for "photographs related to staff members of Teen Ink magazine on July 31, 2007, during an interview with Mrs. Laura Bush."

We can only imagine the conspiracy theory that hinges on those photos.

All of this material should be released around July, although both Bush and Obama can invoke a 30 day block on them, should they choose to do so.

And with someone getting so close to the Teen Ink story, they just might have to.

Source: Politico / National Archives (pdf)

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