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Some Thing Is Moving Under Saturn

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An object of unknown origin is moving under the surface of Saturn pulling the rings down to the planet, astronomers revealed.

The gas giant's 170,000 mile-wide rings are composed of billions of particles of ice and rocky debris orbiting the planet. Because of the gravitational pull of Saturn's 62 moons the rings' spiral waves are typically drawn out into space.

But now, the ring waves are traveling downward toward the surface of the planet, where scientists believe some thing is moving deep within.

Astronomers surmise that the object, located far beneath Saturn's surface, is spinning at a speed of one rotation every seven hours, exerting a powerful gravitational pull on the rings.

Recently, C2C reported that imagery of a mysterious storm raging for over 30 years on the dark side of Saturn had been captured by NASA's Cassini space probe.

Yet, that storm, located at the nexus of a unique hexagonal structure, is seemingly unrelated to this new phenomena.

Orbiting Saturn since 2004, NASA's Cassini, won't be able to decrypt the enigmatic movement detected on the surface pulling the rings' waves downward, astronomers say.

Phillip Nicholson, a planetary scientist at Cornell University in New York told, Space.com "Even dropping a probe into the atmosphere would not necessarily help a lot, because the probe will only get down to a pressure of five or 10 atmospheres before it gets cooked or squashed.

"We need to go much deeper to understand this."

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