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Spanish Newscast 'UFO' Identified

By Tim Binnall

The mystery of an odd UFO spotted zipping through the sky on a Spanish television newscast has been solved. The weird incident occurred last Friday evening when a viewer watching the TV station Telecinco noticed a curious glowing object sailing through the air behind correspondent Dario Menor, reporting from Rome, Italy. Bewildered by what he had seen, the at-home witness managed to capture the moment on film and posted it to YouTube.

The footage quickly caught the attention of paranormal enthusiasts who wondered if this was yet another case of a UFO inadvertently being filmed during a newscast. Unlike in similar instances wherein the mystery winds up unsolved, it would appear that this particular case has been closed after Telecinco caught wind of the online buzz surrounding their Friday night newscast. In a post on their website, the station observed that "almost at the same speed at which the luminous object crossed the sky, the news of its appearance spread on social media."

Noting that the scene was featured on a number of paranormal news sites, Telecinco specifically cited one bold observer who declared that "it is absolute proof that aliens are very interested in the Eternal City." Alas, it would seem that was not the case as Menor told the TV station that the object was "just a seagull." While the solution to the mystery will undoubtedly disappoint fans of the strange and unusual, Telecinco did note that "UFO sightings have multiplied" since the country has been on lockdown due to the coronavirus.


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