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Spanish Police Use Drone to Urge People to Comply with Coronavirus Lockdown

By Tim Binnall

Authorities in the Spanish city of Madrid have come up with a futuristic way of encouraging people to stay in their homes following a lockdown in response to the coronavirus crisis: drones. Faced with a worrisome growth in the number of coronavirus cases and related deaths, the country initiated a state of emergency on Saturday. Much like we've seen in many states here in America, all manner of meeting places were quickly closed and residents were told to remain inside unless they had to go to work or shop for food.

As a way of showing how seriously they are taking the lockdown, the Madrid police department released a video on social media which shows an officer using a drone to discourage people who are still out in public. The UAV can be seen hovering over the city's popular Buen Retiro Park broadcasting a message urging people below to "please stay at home." The department explained that "we won't hesitate to use all the measures we have at our disposal to look out for your safety and everyone's safety."


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