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Spooky Anomaly Filmed at TX Store

The proprietors of a grocery store in Texas are baffled and a bit unnerved by a strange anomaly that was filmed by a security camera outside of the business.

While keeping a proverbial eye on an uneventful night in the parking lot of Skip's Grocery near Fort Worth, the surveillance system captured an eerie dark cloud, of sorts, waft through the air.

When the two brothers who own the store spotted the strange sight, they were left at a loss when trying to come up with an explanation for it.

A self-professed skeptic of the strange and unusual, Mohammed Hammad conceded that the video has led him to believe that their store is haunted.

His brother Ahmad appeared to agree, despite insisting to TV station KDFW that "I don't believe in this stuff."

Genuinely perplexed by the nebulous anomaly in the video, Ahmad contends that it could not come from a car nor did it appear to be smoke.

He also ruled out the possibility that the 'form,' for lack of a better term, was just a shadow, since the light outside the store did not disrupt it.

According to the brothers, they have experienced a handful of strange incidents at the store which makes them believe that maybe the security camera really did pick up on something ghostly.

Of course, skeptics will suggest that the 'ghost' is simply something prosaic like an insect or a smudge on the camera.

But that may not calm the nerves of the Hammad brothers should something strange happen the next time they are working at the grocery store during the graveyard shift.

What's your take on the oddity outside of Skip's? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: KDFW


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