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Spooky 'Spectre' Filmed in France

A photographer exploring the tallest sand dune in Europe captured breathtaking footage of an eerie atmospheric phenomenon.

Florian Clement may have been wondering if he was having a ghostly or angelic encounter during his visit to the Dune of Pilat over the weekend.

That's because, much to the photographer's amazement, he spotted what appeared to be some kind of wispy apparition in front of him.

Fortunately, like some fictional 'ghost stories,' the haunting was actually a product of the observer himself by way of a phenomenon known as 'Brocken spectre.'

The weird optical illusion occurs when a person stands atop a high location between the sun and some clouds.

As a result of this positioning, their shadow becomes magnified and cast upon the cloud, creating the appearance of a massive figure in front of them.

Source: Connexion

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