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Spotlight on: Dr. George King

 Spotlight on: Dr. George King

Tonight's guest, Richard Lawrence, co-wrote the book Contacts With the Gods from Space, with the late Dr. George King, which details King's amazing legacy of extraterrestrial contacts. Born in Shropshire, England in 1919, King became an adept practitioner of yoga as a young man, spending hours each day in the activity. But in 1954, sitting in his London apartment he suddenly heard a disembodied voice that commanded him: "Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament." It was an alien intelligence he would come to know as Aetherius.

A few days later King received a visit from a famed Yoga master who entered and left through a locked door. The master reportedly taught King to establish a mental rapport with the "Cosmic Masters." By 1955, King had formed The Aetherius Society, and was lecturing throughout Britain about the messages he was receiving from cosmic channels. In 1959 he moved to the U.S., and the Aetherius Society became incorporated here.

King received over 600 cosmic transmissions from various "Space Masters," throughout his life. His trance condition was said to differ from other mediums in that he was consciously manipulating the power of Kundalini yoga and able to use it to focus on the "thought beams coming from the transmitting intelligence." Among King's fascinating revelations was that there is life on other planets in our solar system but they exist on different vibratory planes. He also received transmissions from "Master Jesus." King, credited by some as laying the foundation for many new age precepts, passed away in Santa Barbara in 1997.


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