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Strange 'Base' Spotted Near Area 51

UFO enthusiasts examining Google Earth images of the terrain around Area 51 have noticed a puzzling site seemingly carved into a mountain only a few miles away.

The puzzling feature of the Nevada landscape shows a road ascending the side of a mountain until it opens up into a large developed area.

It is at this parking lot-like location that three distinct indentations extend into the mountain akin to man made caves.

Considering its proximity to Area 51, believed to be around 15 to 20 miles away, conspiracy theorists believe that there may be a connection between the mysterious site and the infamous military facility.

Specifically, they suggest, the intriguing mountain side could serve as some kind of underground hangar for secret aircraft, either of human or ET origin.

To that end, observers note that the narrow road leading to the area would prohibit aircraft from being transported there, indicating that, if there are such vehicles housed at the site, they would require some kind of vertical takeoff mechanism.

Another that has been proposed is that the site is an opening to a tunnel complex which includes Area 51 as well as other clandestine locations in the region.

Unfortunately, as with many of the tantalizing sights on the fringes of the famed, the nature of the location may be a closely guarded secret and, therefore, subject to considerable speculation.

That said, it would also not be surprising if other Area 51 researchers dig deeper into the enigmatic mountainside site and find out that it can be traced to a mining company or some other not-so-secret endeavor.

Until then, feel free to let your imagination run wild and let us know what the site looks like to you at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Daily Star


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