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Strange Fish 'Suicides' Cause Concern in China

A bizarre video from China captures hundreds of fish leaping out of a lake to their own demise and the reason given by authorities is equally strange.

In the incredible footage, which was filmed at a lake in the Chinese city of Jiaozuo, a bevy of silver carp can be seen frantically jumping from the water as the person filming the stunning scene exclaims in amazement.

A few of the unfortunate fish wound up landing on a nearby dock, where they appeared to succumb to their deadly predicament.

The unsettling scene was met with great concern from residents of the city, who expressed fear that the 'mass suicide' by the fish was a sign of an impending earthquake or some other disaster yet to unfold.

However, Chinese officials eased their concerns with a rather weird explanation that makes the event all the more odd.

According to authorities, the silver carp were perturbed by a singing competition that was being held nearby and apparently startled the skittish fish.

While the cause of the creatures' strange behavior may have some residents resting easy, the same probably cannot be said for whoever had been singing when the fish began stirring, since that's some pretty harsh criticism.

Source: Daily Star

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