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Strange 'Metal-Melting' Stone Found in Myanmar

An odd piece of footage, purportedly filmed in Myanmar, appears to show a nail being melted after it was placed on a 'magical' stone.

Little is known about the weird video aside from the claim that it was discovered by a soldier who allegedly placed his gun next to the rock and was stunned to see that the weapon begin melting.

In the footage, an unidentified individual can be seen placing a long, silver nail atop the stone and then the object slowly dissolves until it is little more than a streak of shiny coloring.

While some viewers have expressed amazement at what seems to be an inexplicable 'power' of the rock to melt metal, other observers are not quite as convinced.

The prevalent perspective among skeptical viewers is that the video features some kind of trickery, although the exact nature of how the feat was accomplished is up for debate.

Noting that the person's hands never actually touch the stone, the general consensus seems to be that the it was heated up to an extreme temperature, prior to the start of the video, which is the real reason why the nail melted.

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Source: Daily Star