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Strange Ring-Shaped UFO Photographed in China

A man vacationing in China was astounded when he looked at the photos from his trip and noticed that two of the images featured a bizarre UFO shaped like a doughnut.

John Chen took the puzzling photograph as he was admiring the breathtaking scenery during a visit to China's picturesque Lake Dian.

Upon returning home to Taiwan, he was admiring the photos from his adventure when he spotted something truly odd in a pair of images in the collection.

Seemingly suspended in the air is a dark object shaped like a ring with distinct ridges around the outside of the circle.

The awestruck Chen says that he did not notice the weird anomaly in the sky at the time and, unfortunately, photos taken by his friends during the trip to Lake Dian did not feature the UFO.

As to what it might be, aside from an alien craft or a well-crafted hoax, some have speculated that it looks like a very large tire, ostensibly either crashing down to Earth or tossed up in the air.

Since, presumably, falling debris would have created a splash in the lake that would have caught Chen's attention and it is hard to fathom how it could have thrown to where it is seen in the image, the nature of the object truly is a mystery.

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Source: Mirror

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