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Strange Sea Creature Encounter Revisited by Last Living Witness

Strange Sea Creature Encounter Revisited by Last Living Witness

By Tim Binnall

The last living witness to a bizarre series of sea creature sightings that took place decades ago revisited his remarkable experience at a recent UFO conference in Canada. For what was reportedly only the third time ever, Rodney Ross shared details of his strange sighting with the public. The presentation took place at this year's Shag Harbour UFO Festival in Nova Scotia where organizers celebrated the famed 1967 crashed saucer incident as well as, in Ross' case, general weirdness associated with the waters of the area.

According to Ross, the strangeness occurred over the course of a week back in July of 1976 and started with a sighting of a proverbial sea monster by a terrified fisherman. Unfortunately for him, the man was ridiculed by local residents after he returned to shore and marveled at what he had just seen. It would appear, however, that the fisherman was vindicated two days later when Ross and his father ventured out to the area and spotted the same thing.

Looking back on his encounter, Ross explained that it initially seemed like a normal day on the water until his consistent run of reeling in fish came to a screeching halt. An eerie silence fell over the area, he said, and then an inexplicable swishing sound, the source of which was hidden in the fog, could be heard. Suddenly, to Ross' amazement, he saw "a hump with big huge eyes on the top of its head" emerge from the water.

At first, the creature was far enough away from the boat that Ross and his father felt safe simply gawking at the beast and wondering what it might be. But things soon took a more frightening turn when the 'monster' spotted them and charged at their fishing vessel! "I could feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck," Ross recalled at the conference, no doubt experiencing the event all over again in his mind.

Since he lived to tell the tale, it's safe now to say that the close encounter was rather fortuitous as it allowed Ross to get a very close look at the mysterious creature when it reared up about 10 feet out of the water. He described seeing "row and rows and rows of teeth sort of like fangs or tusks" lining the inside of the monster's gaping maw and observed that the creature's body, covered in barnacles and sea debris, looked to be about 50 to 60 feet long.

Thanks to the fast reaction of his father, the duo were able to get away from the charging creature by firing up the boat and speeding away as soon as possible.It's worth noting that it was only upon their return to shore that they learned about the prior encounter two days earlier. And, with the two stories circulating among the fishing community at the time, there were almost no boats out on the water later that week when another father and son also saw the strange creature, which apparently vanished after that.

Of the five men who saw the monster, Rodney Ross is the last one left to tell the tale of the sightings that shook the area four decades ago and continue to leave him wondering what he may have seen. What do you think the fishermen witnessed over the course of that week in July of 1976? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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