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Study Finds Evidence for Massive Ancient River on Mars

By Tim Binnall

Scientists studying images of Mars believe that they have found evidence of a massive river that once flowed on the Red Planet. The remarkable discovery was reportedly made by researchers at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and announced in a paper published on Tuesday. Examining pictures of the Red Planet produced by NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, the team noticed a particularly intriguing cliff.

Upon closer examination, it was determined that the rock face is a remarkable 650 feet high and appeared to be comprised of layers of sedimentary rocks indicating that the formation was once a river bed. Based on their calculations, the scientists say that the massive basin would have taken a jaw-dropping 100,000 Earth years to form. As for when the river may have last flowed on Mars, the age of the rocks was determined to be a whopping 3.7 billion years old.


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