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Supervolcano Stirring Under Naples

Supervolcano Stirring Under Naples

Researchers studying a massive volcano that sits beneath Naples, Italy are warning that they've recently seen worrisome signs at the site.

Known as the Campi Flegrei, the volcano last erupted in 1538 and, since that time, thousands of people have settled in the caldera which was formed from the blast.

Although the supervolcano has been dormant for nearly 500 years, experts noticed an increase in subterranean activity at the site beginning in 2005.

The observations proved to be so concerning to the Italian government that they began a program to continually monitor the site beginning in 2012.

And now a recent report suggests that Campi Flegrei may be ready to reawaken after almost five centuries of slumber.

Observations at the volcano indicate that there has been an increase in seismic activity at the site and changes in the ground have begun to rapidly take place.

Additionally, scientists caution that the supervolcano could be approaching a point where the potential for a massive eruption becomes rapidly accelerated.

With a population of 500,000 people living atop Campi Flegrei, a blast from the volcano would be nothing short of catastrophic.

Unfortunately, experts have little way of knowing for certain if and when the volcano will erupt, leaving residents in doubt as to whether they are truly in danger.

Although it may still be another century or more before the volcano erupts again, one can't help but note yesterday's eerie story of the failed 'miracle' blood from the patron saint of Naples which allegedly portends future disasters unfolding.

We can only pray that Campi Flegrei will not become another example of the prophetic power of Saint Januarius.

Source: PhysOrg

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