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Syrian Boy Boasts Magnetic Belly?

A young boy in Syria appears to possess a magnetic stomach and his family is hoping that Russian scientists will study the alleged 'ability.'

Unlike the more colorful origin stories of comic book superheroes, Zulfikar Ibrahim's realization that there was something extraordinary about him came about in a rather mundane fashion.

After dropping a spoon while eating dinner, the boy noticed that the utensil somehow stuck to his stomach.

His bewildered grandfather then wiped the spoon off, probably to ensure that it wasn't just sticky from food, yet it still clung to the boy's body when they tested the perceived magnetism again.

The family subsequently tried other items, like forks, keys, and a lighter, and all of the metal objects also stuck to his stomach.

Although the condition is quite remarkable, his grandfather conceded that the phenomenon has left the family rather worried about how it might affect him.

As such, they are hoping that publicity surrounding Ibrahim's case will catch the attention of Russian scientists who would want to study the boy.

It remains to be seen whether or not that comes to pass as skeptics suggest that the boy's 'magnetism' is simply the product of friction and not some kind of

For their sake, let's hope Ibrahim grows up to become a hero rather than a villain or else those who doubted him may wind up paying the price for their skepticism.

Source: RT

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