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Talking Cow Troubles Family

Talking Cow Troubles Family

In a truly strange case out of Zimbabwe, a village chief has been enlisted to help a family who say that one of their cows has suddenly begun to talk! The bizarre case began last month when Chief Zimunya was informed of the weirdness by members of the family who were troubled by what they were hearing from the creature. "This is a true story of a cow that talks. Speaking fluently," he told a local media outlet, "I have never heard of a talking cow but this one is really speaking; speaking our mother language."

According to Zimunya, the cow in question is not only talking, but airing its grievances against the family. Specifically, the chatty creature has been known to complain about being fed late and not having enough water to drink. Amazingly, the cow is also said to have criticized the family's choice of land that is used for their cows to graze and argues that the pastures provided to the livestock do not yield sufficient food for the animals.

Rather than rejoice in the fact that they somehow now own a talking cow, the family has apparently gotten tired of the creature's constant grumbling. As such, they've asked Zimunya to determine how it acquired the ability to speak and, more importantly, what can be done to stop it. For his part, the chief believes he knows the cause of the creature's newfound ability: witchcraft. "Someone in the family played with black magic for business enhancement and the chickens are now coming home to roost," he declared.

However, solving the case has proven to be more difficult that Zimunya may have imagined. He initially called for the family to bring the cow to court last weekend so that "traditional healers" could examine the animal. "After rituals are done the cause of all this will come out," he explained, "and those implicated will appease whatever spirit would be demanding compensation." Alas, when the time came for the cow to appear in court, it was a no show, much to the dismay of numerous villagers who attended the hearing hoping to see the fantastic talking creature in the flesh.

Zimunya has since issued an arrest order for a member of the family believed to have been behind the black magic which set off the chain of events that resulted in a cow being able to talk. When that individual is apprehended, the chief hopes that the case can finally be settled once and for all. Meanwhile, the mediator has other odd matters to attend to as, incredibly, he also happens to be the same official who is presiding over the case of the 'killer' jacket recently blamed for the deaths of twenty people.

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