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Teacher in Texas Spots Odd UFO

Teacher in Texas Spots Odd UFO

By Tim Binnall

An intriguing photo of a potential UFO has been shared online by an elementary school teacher who had kept it hidden for years because he was afraid of being ridiculed. According to a local media report, Marcelino Castillo says that the strange sighting occurred two years ago while he was en route to Mexico. Around thirty miles from the border, he was admiring the sunset and noticed a rectangular glowing object in the sky. Although he initially dismissed the anomaly as merely a plane, Castillo was amazed when he examined the image later, marveling that "I zoomed in and it was incredible."

What makes his story particularly thought-provoking is that, unlike so many other UFO witnesses, Castillo wanted no part of any publicity surrounding the image. Fearing that people would call him crazy, he did not post the image online nor show it to anyone. After a few years of mulling over the strange moment when he may have spotted a UFO, Castillo finally decided to reveal the photo, hoping that his job as an educator would add some credibility to the case.

To his credit, he conceded that even he is skeptical of UFO photos which appear online in light of "all the technology and Photoshopping people do nowadays." However, looking back on his experience, he mused that "when it happens to you...'bam.' Suddenly it's not so far-fetched." And while skeptics will likely suggest that the 'UFO' is simply a reflection on glass, as we saw recently with a case in North Carolina, Castillo's reticence to share the photo for so long seems, at the very least, to suggest that there isn't any chicanery involved with the image nor an attempt by the teacher to garner fifteen minutes of fame by way of the photo.

Reflecting on his decision to keep the image under wraps for so long, Castillo appeared to express some regret over his reluctance. "If you see something like that," he advised others who may be in a similar position, "by all means, bring it out." Whether Castillo will want to rescind that advice following the first parent-teacher conference of the new school year remains to be seen. What's your take on the weird photo and it's odd origin story? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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