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Teen Wrecks Car During 'Bird Box' Challenge

Teen Wrecks Car During 'Bird Box' Challenge

A teen is lucky to be alive (as well as a passenger and another driver) when she attempted the so-called “birdbox challenge,” and drove a car blindfolded. The 17-year-old girl was driving with a 16-year old passenger in Layton, Utah, while blindfolded in order to emulate the blindfolds worn in the new Netflix movie “Birdbox,” in which the characters need to travel outside with their eyes covered in order to avoid seeing evil entities which drive those who witness them to suicide. A strange new Youtube fad challenges people to go about their daily activities while blindfolded and post the results.

The teen’s pickup truck was damaged when she swerved into oncoming traffic, apparently sideswiped a Honda HR-V, and skidded into a light pole. Remarkably, there were no injuries.

The local police department tweeted “Bird Box Challenge while driving...predictable result. This happened on Monday as a result of the driver covering her eyes while driving on Layton Parkway. Luckily no injuries.” Less than a week earlier, on January 2nd, Netflix issued a warning and tweeted “Can’t believe I have to say this, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT YOURSELVES WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE.”

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