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Territorial Turkey Has PA Town Torn

A wild turkey that has laid claim to a patch of road in a Pennsylvania town has become something of a celebrity in the community, much to the chagrin of some drivers.

The boisterous bird has been a fixture along a busy street in the town of Mt. Lebanon since the summer.

And, over time, his legend has grown to the point that locals now know him simply as 'Stu.'

"He's sort of like the neighborhood pet," one resident who lives along the road mused to TV station KDKA.

But not everyone is thrilled with Stu's daily antics in the middle of traffic as a Mt. Lebanon animal control officer says that the turkey's presence is becoming increasingly disruptive.

People driving along the road have reported somewhat unsettling encounters with Stu where the turkey has brazenly approached their vehicle and even, in some instances, attacked their car.

As of now, authorities have given no indication that they plan to do anything about the territorial turkey, but one would assume they will be forced to take action if his aggression escalates.

That is, of course, provided that Stu's spell of Stockholm syndrome which he has seemingly cast upon area residents can be broken. Otherwise, they just may cede the street to him.

Source: KDKA


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