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Texas City Claims Bigfoot Title

Texas City Claims Bigfoot Title

In keeping with what has become something of a strange trend in recent years, a city in Texas has declared themselves the state's Bigfoot capital.

The mayor of Jefferson, Texas seized the title by way of an official city proclamation that was issued last week.

According to the announcement, the claim for being the Bigfoot capital of Texas is based on multiple witness sightings of the legendary cryptid by residents of the city over the years.

The designation was the brainchild of cryptozoologist Craig Woolheater, who has hosted the annual Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson since 2001.

After hearing about how the city of Evergreen, Alabama had proclaimed itself the Bigfoot capital of their state last year, he proposed to Jefferson officials that they do the same for Texas and the idea soon became a reality.

According to Woolheater, Jefferson is now the 14th city to stake a claim to being a state's Bigfoot capital.

We only wish the political machinations of Washington state could move as fast as those in Jefferson, Texas, since Sasquatch is sadly still waiting on that official designation they've been bogged down by bureaucracy for years.

Source: Longview News Journal

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