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Texas Couple Can't Seem to Sell Their Haunted House

Texas Couple Can't Seem to Sell Their Haunted House

A Texas couple's accidental purchase of a notoriously haunted house has proven to be more problematic than just having to deal with unwanted spirits as now they can't seem to sell it.

The Mineral Wells home, which made headlines earlier this year when the abode first went on the market, was purchased by Phil and Kim Kirchhoff back in 2014.

The couple claims that they originally had no idea that the house was haunted and only found out about its resident ghosts from neighbors after they had bought the building.

According to a number of accounts from people who have experience high strangeness there, the home boasts both the ghost of a woman who hums and a child that is said to talk to visitors.

As one can imagine, these tales upended the couple's plans to renovate the home as the reports were so unsettling that they never even moved into the house.

In fact, Kim Kirchhoff refuses to go to the house today, while Phil has somewhat embraced its spooky reputation by renting it out to paranormal investigators in search of apparitions, although he also won't visit the home unless he is opening it up to groups looking to rent the site for the evening.

However, the novelty of being the host for ghost tours eventually wore off and the couple decided to sell the home, albeit with the caveat that the new owner would have to keep the structure intact.

Therein may lie the problem as their aspirations that the haunted house become a 'paranormal research center' has not exactly drawn the kind of interest that the couple had hoped it would.

Since putting the house up for sale earlier this year, the odd location has received a fair share of media attention, but not a single offer from anyone who would want to buy the place.

Considering the cash-strapped nature of paranormal research, the failure to find a buyer who would maintain the building as a genuine haunted house is not altogether unsurprising, but perhaps with Halloween right around the corner, the couple's realtor can manage to scare up some interest.

Source: GuideLive

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