Texas Store Boasts 'Haunted' Couch

A furniture consignment shop in Waco, Texas boasts a rather odd item in its showroom that has drawn curious visitors to the store for over a decade: a haunted couch!

The spooky sofa was purportedly dropped off at the shop back in 2007 by a man who claimed that he was plagued by eerie paranormal activity after bringing the item into his home.

According to the man, kitchen cabinets began opening and closing on their own and an inexplicable sulfur smell wafted though his house.

The incidents left him so unsettled that man eventually left the couch at the consignment shop and told the owner "I don't want any part of it. Get it away from me."

Although the shop initially tried to sell the sofa, a 2007 TV news report (seen above) on the strange story led to the couch becoming somewhat of an attraction at the store.

In an update on the sofa saga by KWTX, the co-owner of the store says that several customers have reported that their cell phones began malfunctioning whey they got near the couch and two different employees got into car accidents after moving it.

The couch currently sports a sign which warns customer that it is haunted and to "touch at your own risk!"

While one might suspect that the sofa is simply a clever marketing scheme on the part of the store, there are some elements of the couch which suggest that perhaps something sinister did occur to someone sitting on it.

Beneath the cushions of the couch is a large blood stain and there is a hole in the back of the sofa which seems to have come from a bullet.

The creepy couch has proven to be so popular over the years that the store now refuses to sell it and even rejected one potential buyer's offer of $3,000 dollars for the haunted object.

So should anyone wish to experience the haunted couch, they'll have to journey down to Waco to see it for themselves and, the store no doubt hopes, maybe pick up a nice armoire or end table while they are there.

Source: KWTX

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