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The 10 Oddest Ghost Videos of 2018

The 10 Oddest Ghost Videos of 2018

By Tim Binnall

Barely a week went by in 2018 without some kind of footage popping up online that purportedly showed a ghost, spirit, phantasm, possession, or an object that inexplicably moved as if it were pushed by an unseen, supernatural force. Amid the many blobs, mists, and eerie fogs were a few videos that stood out among the rest because of their sheer strangeness.

Ghost Yanks Phone from Wall at Haunted Pub? - Every year, there's no shortage of videos emanating from haunted pubs in England, but this particular incident was a bit different . That's because the case of the falling phone at the Jamaica Inn in Cornwall was captured via CCTV and, unlike so many similar incidents, the spooky incident was spotted by two different cameras at the same time!

Las Vegas Woman Haunted by New Apartment - A television news segment out of Nevada provided us with an alternative kind of ghost story in 2018 as it detailed one unfortunate woman's experience living in what she suspected was a haunted apartment. Suffice it to say, she was rather distressed about being stuck in a year-long lease with an unsettling entity of some kind as her unwanted roommate.

Phantom Dog Filmed in England? - While ghost videos are pretty plentiful online nowadays, incidents of phantom animals caught on film remain fairly rare. So when one paranormal research group in England claimed to have captured footage of a ghost dog, we took notice. Is it truly a spectral canine or simply some kind of video anomaly? You tell us.

Security Camera Captures Eerie Activity at Oregon Pot Shop - Opening themselves up to what was likely an endless array of jokes and jibes, workers at an Oregon marijuana dispensary made headlines when the shared spooky footage of unexplained activity that was captured by the shop's security cameras. Making the case all the more intriguing was that the videos were legally certified by the state, meaning that this was not some kind of clever publicity stunt.

Cambodian Actress Gets Possessed by a Ghost? - While filming the horror movie 'Room Spirit Room,' an actress on set suddenly snapped and attacked one of her co-stars. The seemingly possessed woman then retreated to an empty room where crew members watched her as she sat silently in a truly eerie scene that was either the product of some supernatural occurrence or amazing method acting.

Eerie Figure Appears Behind Woman in Video Chat - One of the more chilling videos we watched this year featured a video chat between two women interrupted when one of them spotted a creepy-looking figure lurking behind her friend. Although some observers suggested that the 'being' could have been an alien rather than a ghost, we'd like to think that at ET would be better at staying hidden than the anomaly in the video.

'Ghost Train' Filmed in China - Once-living entities, be they human or animal, returning from the 'other side' to pay a visit to our realm is at least somewhat conceivable to most people. But what about inanimate objects like planes and trains? This question was put to the test when security camera footage emerged from China that appeared to show a 'ghost train' pulling up to a station.

Ghost Filmed by Doorbell Camera? - This perplexing piece of footage from Canada featured a translucent 'form' lingering near the front of a woman's home and caused her dog to go wild for no apparent reason. Although we can't say for sure that it shows a spirit, we're confident in predicting that it did reveal a glimpse of the future as these doorbell ghost videos are almost certainly going to 'flood the market' in the not-too-distant future.

Australian Cops Share Eerie Video - Unlike most of the videos which made the rounds this year, this case from Australia was rather unique in that it actually came from a police department from Down Under. Featuring a garage door that had mysteriously opened on its own and a flying broom, the weird scene left authorities scratching their heads and assuring residents that it was genuine footage.

Haunted Doll Dispute Settled on British TV Court Show - Hands down, the most hilarious 'ghost' video we saw this past year came by way of a daytime TV show in England in which a celebrity judge was enlisted to settle a payment issue over a purportedly haunted doll. The exasperation expressions from Judge Rinder as he learned the details of the possessed object's penchant for psychically speaking to her owner was truly a sight to behold.

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