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The 10 Oddest Ghost Videos of 2019

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By Tim Binnall

In keeping with their status as a reality show staple, ghosts were anything but camera shy in 2019. In fact, apparitions proved to be perhaps the most prolific of all paranormal phenomena this past year by managing to find their way onto CCTV footage, baby monitors, doorbell cameras, and even a sonogram image. It seemed as if spirits couldn't help but be seen in 2019, oftentimes in the strangest of places and the oddest of ways.

Pablo Escobar's Ghost Appears During Mansion Demolition? - When a mansion that once belonged to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar was demolished in Colombia this past February, viewers watching the event online noticed that moments before the proverbial red button was pushed to blow up the building, an odd anomaly could be seen seemingly running in a frantic fashion through the mansion. In this instance, we hope it was a ghost, rather than an unlucky worker who wound up stuck inside the building and became a spirit themselves.

Eerie 'Figure' Filmed by Dashcam - One of the most popular urban legends in just about any locality is that of a phantom hitchhiker and, this past July, a motorist in Malaysia inadvertently filmed what may be just such a being. Captured via his dashcam as he cruised through the town of Kota Tinggi on a dark night, the footage shows what appears to be an eerie figure standing on the side of the road and sporting what looks like an outstretched arm. Needless to say, the driver didn't stop to find out if he'd just passed a phantom or not.

Handle of Haunted Hearse Lifted by a Ghost? - One of the more on-the-nose ghost videos of 2019 came by way of a haunted museum in England which just so happens to be the home of a Victorian hearse with something of a spooky reputation. It more than lived up to its billing when a paranormal investigator set up a camera to watch the vehicle and captured footage of some unknown force lifting the hearse's heavy handle with ease and then dropping it just before it would have smashed a window.

Security Camera Films 'Haunted' Wheelchair at Hospital in India - For reasons unexplained, hospitals seem to be hotbeds for ghostly activity, such as this spooky scene from a facility in India wherein a wheelchair suddenly begins moving on its own. Although the security guard at the site insisted that the incident was caused by the wind, workers at the hospital weren't so sure and several of them subsequently refused to work the overnight shift as a result of the strange event.

Baby Monitor Films Ghost Lurking Near Child's Crib? - The popularity of video baby monitors in recent years has led to a slew of possible ghost videos appearing online. Although, in some instances, these cases turned out to have an amusing explanation, this particular incident from March was no laughing matter as a family was so unsettled by what they saw on their monitor that they wound up moving out of their house.

Real Estate Company Performs 'Paranormal Inspections' on Homes - In what may be the weirdest ghost-related video of 2019, a Texas-based real estate company announced that they were offering 'paranormal inspections' of all their homes. The clever October marketing campaign even came with a promotional video that showed a genuine ghost hunter visiting one of the residences and eradicating any unwanted spirits so that future homeowners could rest easy in their new abode.

Security Camera in Wales Films Full-Bodied Apparition? - Were we to pick the best ghost video of 2019, this piece of security camera footage from Wales would undoubtedly make the shortlist. Filmed back in September, the spooky scene shows a rather distinct figure emerge from behind a pole and then dissipate into thin air. Many observers suggested that the oddity was a rare full-bodied apparition caught on tape, but skeptics argued that it was probably some kind of reflection. We'll leave it up to you to decide.

Haunted Doll Moves On Its Own - Without fail, each year provides us with at least one story about a haunted doll and the 2019 version of this paranormal trope was particularly unnerving as it featured the head of a World War II-era ventriloquist's dummy seemingly moving on its own. The creepy scene was reportedly captured after the doll's owner noticed that the door to its case kept opening and set up a camera to find out why. Unfortunately for him, the chilling footage left him with more questions than answers.

Doorbell Cam Captures Threatening EVP? - A homeowner in Texas got quite the fright when his doorbell camera was triggered at 3 AM and, when he checked to see what caused the commotion, heard the unnerving message "I'll kill you." Of course, the ominous-sounding EVP may have merely been a case of auditory pareidolia, but it's a lot easier to make that assertion when you're not the one being woken up in the middle of the night by what sounds like a very ornery ghost.

Woman Believes Ultrasound Shows Her Late Father Kissing Baby - Although not a ghost video, per se, this TV news segment from San Diego showcased one of the more unique pieces of possible paranormal evidence from this past year by way of a sonogram image from an expectant mother. After Shantel Carrillo posted the photos on social media, she was astounded when her friends and family noticed that it looks like someone is leaning in to kiss the baby. Based on the shape of the perceived face and his fun-loving personality in life, the mom-to-be believes that the 'presence' in the sonogram image is that of her late father paying a visit to granddaughter.


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