The Apocalypse May or May Not Be This Friday

A viral video proclaiming that the apocalypse will occur on Friday is being repudiated by its purported source, creating a cliffhanger worthy of 'the end of the world.'

The strange saga began earlier this month when a lengthy video trumpeting the impending 'end of the world' was posted to YouTube.

Incredibly, the seventeen-minute showcase of hellfire and brimstone has amassed an astounding four millions hits so far.

In the apocalyptic flick, a robotic voice details how there will be a polar shift this coming Friday, July 29th.

After the event causes death and destruction around the world, Jesus Christ will then allegedly return to the planet to usher in whatever comes next for Earth.

However, like all good End Times prophecies, this particular prediction has become shrouded in controversy as the 'big day' nears.

The group attributed to the video, Armageddon News, is claiming that they are, in fact, not the source of the now-infamous film.

John Preacher, who helms the organization, contends that a ne'er-do-well has taken one of their previous videos and repurposed it to create a false warning about the July 29th date.

While Preacher believes that the apocalypse is eminent, he insists that his group does not feel that it will happen on Friday, since several other End Times events must take place before its catastrophic culmination.

The surprising turn of events strengthens the case, alongside common sense, that the End Times will probably not occur over the weekend.

Then again, it just may be a sign of the End Times when an apocalyptic prediction is actually recanted, so perhaps you might want to cancel your plans for Friday night.


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