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'The Puffy Planet'

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(2)An odd planet known as HAT-P-1 was recently discovered. While it has a wider radius than Jupiter, it has only half the mass of that planet. In fact, its density is only one-quarter that of water and it could float in a bathtub, if there was one large enough to hold it! Read more at Space.com(1).
Image: David A. Aguilar

1. http://space.com/scienceastronomy/060914_cork_planet.html
2. http://www.space.com/php/multimedia/imagedisplay/img_display.php?pic=060914_strange_planet1_02.jpg?=The+newly+discovered+world+HAT-P-1+has+baffled+astronomers%2C+since+it+is+puffed+up+much+larger+than+theory+predicts.+HAT-P-1+has+a+radius+about+1.38+times+Jupiter%27s+but+contains+only+half+Jupiter%27s+mass.+Credit%3A+David+A.+Aguilar%2FHarvard-Smithsonian+Center+for+Astrophysics+

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