Thomas Ferrario Images of Anomalies

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Guest on the 9/2/20 show, Thomas Ferrario shares images of anomalies from Marley Woods and other locations. Pictured above 1) The main light mass.

2) One of the unknown animals or cryptids.

3) Cast of white animal.

4) Amber light taken with time exposure.

5) Mystery light source.

6) One of the many agriglyphs we have found or what is called a crop circle.

7) Moon Shaft artifact.

8) Light shield phenomenon.

9) Light mass with a possible disc emerging with light beam.

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Citizen journalist Danny Silva, UFO researcher Joe Murgia, and Ryan Robbins of Post Disclosure World joined George Knapp for a UFO roundtable. Followed by Ryan Musgrave-Evans on his 'cryptoterrestrial' contacts.

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