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Three New Witnesses to the Infamous Pascagoula UFO Incident Emerge

By Tim Binnall

In a rather surprising development, three people claiming to have been witnesses to the legendary Pascagoula UFO Incident from decades ago have emerged to share their stories for the first time. The iconic 1973 event featured two men, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, who were allegedly abducted by bizarre-looking aliens and subjected to some kind of examination by the creatures. The case electrified the UFO research community as well as the media at the time that it occurred, but had largely fallen off the proverbial radar in recent years until Parker broke what had been a lengthy period of silence and began talking about his experience once again.

It would seem that the newfound attention afforded to Parker's story over the last year or so wound up inspiring a handful of individuals who were in the area at the time of the event to speak on the record about strange things that they saw that fateful night. According to a local media report, Jerry and Maria Blair say that they were parked in their care on the shore of the Pascagoula River when they spotted a blue light that seemed to be hovering over the water and moving erratically.

A few moments after the initial sighting, Maria claims, she heard a splash and then caught a glimpse of what appeared to be a person in the water. Having not seen the oddity himself, her husband suggested that it was simply a dolphin, but his wife was skeptical of that assessment. After later hearing Parker and Hickson's description of the creature that they encountered and noting how it matched what she saw, Marie became convinced that the figure in the water had been one of those beings.

Another witness speaking out for the first time is a woman named Judy Branning, who says that she was on a double date that evening when the group she was with noticed a weird set of lights in the sky. As the blinding object got closer, they observed that it was saucer shaped and, in keeping with many a classic UFO case, the anomaly caused the radio in their car to go haywire. The craft then took off at an incredible speed, leaving the four witnesses shaken by what they had just experienced.

After that night, she recalled, the group agreed never to speak of the incident again and that pact was strengthened when they saw the incredible amount of ridicule that was heaped upon Parker and Hickson. However, Branning indicated that keeping the experience a secret weighed on her and expressed relief to finally be able to share it with the world. "The story is very true. That's what has bothered me for 45 years," she said, "It's been on my mind for 45 years."

Coast Insiders can learn more about the Pascagoula Incident and how it impacted Calvin Parker's life by checking out his 8/26/2018 appearance on the program. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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