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Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

Thunderbird Spotted in Alaska?

The Alaskan city of Juneau is buzzing after a resident reported what can best be described as a 'thunderbird' soaring through the sky.

The weirdness began when the witness, named Tabitha, posted about her sighting to a Juneau community Facebook group.

According to her, as she was driving down the road a "huge black bird" appeared overhead and sported a wingspan which she estimated to be "at least 20 feet."

Despite living in the area her entire life, Tabitha insisted that his bird was unlike anything she had ever seen before and marveled that it was "almost the size of a small airplane."

Unfortunately, she was unable to snap a picture of the creature, leaving one to imagine what it may have looked like in the sky as we've done with image used with this article.

Insisting that the post was not a joke, she asked if anyone else had seen something similar, which sparked considerable discussion among members of the group.

Although it doesn't appear that there were other witnesses to Tabitha's thunderbird within the Facebook group, a separate individual told the Juneau Empire that she had also seen an oddity akin to the creature "a few years ago."

The accounts of the two women align with a third thunderbird tale from Juneau which made headlines in 2002, leading some to wonder if there truly is a monstrous bird lurking somewhere around the city.

As one can imagine, skeptics say that such a possibility is pretty unlikely and that the 'thunderbird' was probably just an albatross or some other prosaic explanation.

However, this is far from the first time that an anomalous and enormous bird has been seen by astounded observers. Coast Insiders can learn more about the thunderbird phenomenon by checking out the 11/15/2005 edition of the program featuring the late cryptozoologist Mark Hall.

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Source: Juneau Empire

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