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'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Suspects Tasmanian Tiger Still Exists

By Tim Binnall

One of the stars of the wildly popular Netflix series Tiger King believes that the thylacine still exists and hopes to someday acquire one for his zoo! Jeff Lowe, who infamously took control of Joe Exotic's wildlife park in the program, reportedly made the odd comments during an interview with a radio program in Australia. Asked by the hosts if he had heard of the Tasmanian Tiger, the controversial zookeeper replied that he was aware of the beast and argued that, contrary to the stance of mainstream scientists, the creature is probably not extinct.

Opining that there is "some credible footage" of the beast in the wild, Lowe mused that 1928, when the last thylacine in captivity died, was "not that long ago." As such, he posited that "it's completely possible that one or a hybrid thereof" could still be roaming the wild. For those who might be searching for the creature, Lowe suggested that they "quit trying so hard to find one because by the time you see him, he has seen you twenty times and if he's been able to elude humans this long then he's pretty smart."

Unsurprisingly, Lowe envisions the hard-to-find creature being quite the attraction should it wind up being captured. "If they find one," he declared, "I want to put one in my zoo." One can only imagine what Carole Baskin would think of such an audacious idea.


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