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'Time Traveler' Claims He Watched Dinosaurs in the Distant Past

Yet another alleged whistleblowing time traveler has emerged online with claims that he journeyed to the distant past and saw an array of exotic dinosaurs. The bizarre testimonial was posted to the YouTube channel Apex TV and is similar to their other 'time traveler' videos which have made news throughout the year in that it features a man with his face distorted telling his story in a nondescript hotel room. This particular tale is different from its predecessors because, rather than sharing details of a fabulous or frightening future, this time traveler says that he went into the past.

In the footage, filmed "in an undisclosed location," the unnamed man begins by explaining that he hails from the year 2082 and that he has been tasked with "a variety of time traveling missions." One such endeavor, he reveals, sent him 60 million years into the past where he saw "dinosaurs in their natural habitat." According to the self-proclaimed time traveler, he was surprised to discover that, contrary to what contemporary scientists believe, the dinosaurs were actually covered in colorful feathers rather that reptilian scales. He also marvels that there were massive mosquitoes and other giant insects flying through the sky.

The purported 'time traveler' goes on to claim that the technology which made his arrival in 2018 possible has already been discovered in 2018, but is being kept hidden from the public. Those hoping that they'll someday be able to become a time traveler themselves will be happy to hear the man's assurance that the secret will be revealed to the world in around ten years. The reason for this delay, he said, is that 'they' want to ensure that time travel is safe and, in the future, there will be special agencies which ensure that there are no paradoxes being created.

These are but a handful of the fantastic insights imparted during the twenty-minute-long video that, admittedly, may test the patience of some viewers as the lengthy monologue seems to devolve into rambling on occasion. Considering the many time traveler videos we've seen over the last few months, skepticism surrounding the veracity of the man's tale is more than warranted. That said, with so many alleged visitors from the future suddenly showing up in 2018, this might just be when a real-time traveler would show up, since they'd be able to blend in among the others. Share your thoughts on this latest twist in the time traveler trend at the C2C Facebook page.


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