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'Time Travelers' Tell More Tall Tales

The bizarre spate of 'whistleblowing time travelers' since the start of the year has continued over the last few weeks with more and more 'future men' sharing increasingly fantastic tales.

What began with one weird video that received a lot of attention has turned into a veritable cottage industry of people appearing in YouTube videos claiming to have traveled to the future.

As noted last month, keeping track of all of these 'time travelers' is a nearly impossible task as, like an invasive insect, they just keep multiplying at a remarkable rate.

That said, a few of the more outlandish presentations have managed to stand out among the rest.

For instance, there is Jeff Williams, who purportedly journeyed to the year 2061 and discovered that Earth is due to be destroyed when a piece of Haley's Comet breaks off and smashes into the planet.

Meanwhile, a Siberian 'time traveler' painted an even more dire picture of the future, recounting how his visit to the year 4040 revealed that a sinister form of AI had spawned a war between humans and robots.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a time traveler got stuck here in our present year? If so, then you'll want to meet James Oliver, who says that he hails from the year 6941 and has fallen victim to just such a predicament.

And, finally, there's a truly mind-bending and, quite frankly, hilarious video featuring not one, but two time travelers who both claim to be the same person, but from different years in the future.

The admittedly creative concept certainly raises the bar beyond a polygraph test or a blurry photo and leaves us somewhat worried about what the next 'time traveler' will do to get attention.


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