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Tom Danheiser Chat Excerpts

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Coast to Coast Associate Producer Tom Danheiser (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's(1) Live Chat for one hour last week. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(2).

Tom, did you really kill George's plant on purpose???

Tom Danheiser
Hi Dennis---NO, I would never kill a living thing on purpose.

George fan
Tom...are you still traveling with George on his book tours?

Tom Danheiser
Yes, when he signs books at an event, it usually means the show is done from an affiliate city, so yes.

Hi Tom -What do you enjoy most about your work, aside from the obvious kewl thing that you reach millions of listeners?

Tom Danheiser
Well Thunder, honestly I got into radio because I liked how it makes people happy and they bond with their different shows.

Hey Tom just wondering when you have a caller that you can't put on air due to alcohol or language do you let them know or are they the calls that are dropped?

Tom Danheiser
Hi Michelle. I usually am very matter of fact. If I think they are drinking I tell them I do and that is why they won't go on. I am matter of fact but NOT mean.

How many callers on average night try to get thru?

Tom Danheiser
Hi Sanyo. The phone rings nonstop so hundreds is my answer.

Good evening from Oakland, CA. What can I do to get Ian's Saturday night show on a local station? (KSFO perhaps)

Tom Danheiser
Hi Lotus. Writing the program director of the local talk station a letter is always a good idea.

Tom, can you share your personal favorite guests?

Tom Danheiser
I like to remain neutral but I will say that Lionel Fanthorpe is definitely in my top 5. If any of you have not heard him, you should!

Hi Tom- What c2c topics interest you most? And have you ever had a paranormal experience or alien encounter?

Tom Danheiser
Good question Marz. Back when we did the remote from the Queen Mary, I went on the tour that took us looking for entities 40 ft below the boat. The surroundings were really something, and yes, I felt a presence at one point.

In what religious philosophy were you raised? Do your folks approve of your job?

Tom Danheiser
I was raised Catholic. My parents are in Heaven but I am sure they would approve of my job; especially since it involves trying to make people happy so to speak.

Can c2c be broadcast from any location? Briefly what is involved in the setup?

Tom Danheiser
Yes Lotus--almost anywhere. Phone lines are a must as well as a certain piece of radio equipment we use to connect everything together with those phone lines.

Who would you like to have on and is resistant?

Tom Danheiser
Well Brandee, Keanu Reeves comes to mind since he doesn't really do radio...it's the challenge thing I guess.

Why Keanu?

Tom Danheiser
Keanu interests me because I am curious of his take on "the devil"....since he played a character (in the movie 'Constantine') that went to hell and all.

What did you do before coming to Coast? I know that you worked at Premiere but was it as a producer as well and what program did you work on?

Tom Danheiser
Without going into a long resume, I worked for several L.A. radio stations planning events for the stations. When I came to the network, I started on shows such as Jim Cramer, Suze Orman and Dr. Laura.

Tom Danheiser
What do a lot of you do while listening to the show--- dishes, games, homework?

I deliver pizza

I download podcast and listen to it at work.


Update myself on news and write :o)

I play poker online, or just lay in bed until I fall asleep, and stream the rest later.

Can't say here

I am a podcaster, for work listening

Tom I work as a security guard, although I'm laid off now so I don't listen to often live, thank god for the MP3's!

delivers gasoline...

Chat on the NightHawkZone, or I'll do some work on my R/C website if things are dull in the NHZ.

I chat in my den - reviewing the next book I will be reading - oh and drinking coffee and lots of it.

Just hang out and run my bizz from home while I listen through stream.

I can usually catch the first hour. Then I phase in and out all night. Keep the radio on so when I wake up I catch the missing hours on KFI's repeat of the show.

I like to watch for shooting stars on the breaks and browse the internet for the end of the world story. :P

What is the strangest thing that has happened to you since becoming the show's producer?

Tom Danheiser
Hi Michelle. George thought he saw a figure in my booth one night when I was clearly not in it. That is one of the strangest, also being cursed by an irate caller felt weird even though there is nothing to it.

1. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2007-03-28.html

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