Tourist Captures Incredible Image of 'Ghost Child'

A woman visiting a museum in Glasgow was stunned when she looked over her vacation pictures and saw what appears to be a 'ghost child' lurking in one of the images.

Louise Murphy was touring the city's Riverside Museum with her son Owen when the uncanny image was taken.

It was only after she returned home from the trip that Murphy saw the eerie anomaly in the photo on her cell phone.

She says that her son was right next to her when she took the picture and they were the only people in the area at the time.

Baffled by the picture, Murphy expressed disappointment that she hadn't seen it right away, since she would have taken additional images in an attempt to get a better perspective on the possible spirit.

Museum officials acknowledged that the area has a haunted history, but noted that a 'ghost child' is not something usually associated with the location Murphy had visited.

Considering the remarkably distinct nature of the potential ghost in the photo, Murphy acknowledged that skeptics will be quick to dismiss the image as a fake.

To that end, she offered to have experts examine the image in an attempt to prove its veracity.

While we would love for that to happen, we suspect that, like almost all ghost images, the photo will likely be relegated to the paranormal purgatory that is endless debate.

Ghost child? Technological anomaly? Clever hoax? Give us your take on the intriguing image at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: Daily Record

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